69 love songs

STUDENT BRIEF | At Shillington, I was asked to redesign an existing album cover using physical materials. To capture the mashup of biting sarcasm and heartfelt sincerity in the Magnetic Fields’ three-volume 69 Love Songs, I chose to construct—and destroy—a heart-shaped piñata, filling it with the detritus that one accumulates in a relationship. This includes items that represent specific songs in the album—like the cactus representing “The Cactus Where Your Heart Should Be”—as well as real love letters and photos from my own past relationships.

Liam_Handmade_Vol 1_Mockup - Front Only.jpg
Liam_Handmade_Vol 1_Mockup - Back Only.jpg
Liam_Handmade_Vol 1 2 3_Mockup.jpg